Coincidence or not, Hollywood A-Lister Jennifer Garner and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk were on the same episode of the Late Night Show with David Letteraman a couple of years ago.

The green mentality seems to have rubbed off and Jenn, since she and her husband have bought the new Tesla Model S. The two have owned numerous gas-guzzlers over the years, including some really powerful SUVs, but they seem to have turned over a green leaf as it were.

The two have been spotted on numerous occasions while driving the Model S to and from their daughter Seraphina’s school in Brentwood, California. The pure electric sedan is doing its bit to save the planet and isn’t rally a compromise if you think about it.

One example of the Model S has been taken on a 423.5 mile ride on a single charge, and the car is also faster than some super saloons in a straight line!

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By Mihnea Radu