With a net worth believed to be somewhere about $23 billion, Sergey Brin should be able to afford buying a small country. But he likes to keep things simple and clean, as the Soviet-born American computer scientist and co-founder of Google hasn’t got a garage full of cars.

However, he and Larry Page co-own a two personal jets that have scientific equipment from NASA installed on them. So, what sort of car do you guys think Brin owns?

Given the fact that he is a firm believer in renewable energy and an early investor in Tesla Motors, it’s kind of easy to guess.

What we don’t understand is why his Tesla Model S is pink. Celebrity Cars Blog suggests the billionaire’s car received a pink wrap with eyelashes and batmobile accents as part of an April Fools joke. Guess this is a type of humor we don’t get, but then again, he could just buy another car and leave this one in pink. Guess the joke’s on us then!

By Mihnea Radu