Tesla’s Model S EV saloon will get some new options in the future, as the adjacent video reveals some non-functional features currently hidden in three secret menus.

The short video shows that if you keep touching the Tesla logo on the big 17-inch screen on the central console, it will ask you for a security code. Once filled with the proper numbers, some new menus will be displayed.

While the APPS section of the menus shows options like Sketch Pad, Image Viewer, Scheduler and some other “office” apps, the DATA area displays configuration options for Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Detection and Lane Departure Warning System, features that are not available for the current Model S. This leads us thinking that Tesla is currently developing such options to be fitted to the car in the near future.

Take a sneak peek at the incognito Model S menus, as the guys from Drag Times show how to unlock them in the clip bellow.

Source: Drag Times

By Gabriel Brindusescu