After seeing Tesla Motors' driving logs of their Model S review car, the New York Times has finally admitted somewhat of a defeat in their latest press release.

In an official response written by public editor Margaret Sullivan, the New York Times claims that John Broder, the editor who conducted the test in question, "took the test drive in good faith", but did not use "good judgement along the way".

On the other hand, Sullivan holds Elon Musk responsible as well, especially for using the car's driving logs "in the most damaging (and sometimes quite misleading) ways possible".

"We would like to thank Margaret Sullivan and The New York Times for looking into this matter and thoughtfully considering the public evidence, as well as additional evidence provided on background," was Elon Musk's response, in an official press release.

The Tesla CEO added that the company will continue to improve their cars in order to provide long distance travel without battery discharge related issues.

By Ciprian Florea