Futuristic? Steampunk? Daring? Breathktaking? They all go hand in hand as you take a closer look at Jeff Yarrington's Tesla. Though bearing a Croatian name, the bike has British blood and some American make-up.

The creation of the Tesla begun years ago with an old Triumph Tiger. The 1972 bike had little to do with the actual wow factor, but Jeff knew what he wanted.

In fact the Tesla could be touted as the bike of his dreams: he always dreamt of building a bile with a fin on the rear cowl and underseat exhausts, and a body made of metal wire with welded sheet metal.

Looking at the Tesla we could say that Jeff made his dream come true. And since Nicola Tesla and his works have always been the heart of the steampunk movement, it's only small wonder to see the bike with such a raw attire, yet sporting a smooth, mellow and pleasant look. This is more than bike building, this is art.

Seen on Pipeburn.

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By Florin Tibu