People who are used to driving a car with an automatic gearbox are also used to it ‘creeping’ when stationary, in drive, when the brake is released. Creeping is the norm among conventionally-powered vehicles with self-shifting transmissions, yet there is no need for it in EVs.

However, after receiving numerous requests from some Model S owners, Tesla will be adding this function to all owners who wish to have it, via a simple software update, which doesn’t even require a trip to the garage, as the Model S features wireless connectivity.

Once the software update is installed, drivers will have the option to activate or deactivate it any time, via some sort of sub-menu available on the car’s gigantic 17-inch touch screen control unit. We still say that it is a useless feature to have on an EV, but since Tesla’s interest is to sell cars and keep the owners happy, they had no option but to comply.

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By Andrei Nedelea