After reporting that board member, Steve Jurvetson was the first to take delivery of the first ever Tesla Model S, the second person to get a car is the CEO of the company, Elon Musk himself, apparently at the same time Steve got his own.

The two men reportedly received their cars two days before the pictures of Steve Jurvetson surfaced on the internet. Also, if you were wondering why the two men received their cars early, a statement by Elon Musk will clear that up for you: “…the reason those two cars are goingto Steveand myself is so that we can spend a few weeks just going through the cars in detail and experiencing any tiny issues ourselves before regular customers experience them them. I think its really important to thoroughly test your own product and be extremely tough on it before giving it to general customers” and goes on to explain how issues have been identified and fixed before the big day.”

While that may not be entirely true (we think), they are the words of the CEO of the company and should be taken as they are.

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By Andrei Nedelea