One month after having its dealer license denied in Virginia, Tesla Motors failed to get a permit to sell cars in its own dealership in Texas as well.

According to Automotive News, the Tesla-backed bills, that would have created an exemption to current state franchise law restricting factory-owned dealerships, were rejected before making it to the Texas House of Representatives, and the automaker won’t get another shot at this until 2015.

"The Legislature did the right thing," said Karen Phillips, general counsel of the Texas Automobile Dealers Association, which opposed the legislation. Tesla Motors has two showrooms in Texas, located in Houston and Austin.

While the “Lone Star State” doesn’t take kindly to electric cars, its inhabitants sure love trucks, with one out of every six pickups sold nationwide being delivered in Texas. Maybe Tesla should up the ante on that high-performance electric truck Musk was talking about back in April. Just saying, you know?

Story via AutomotiveNews

By Ciprian Florea