Some say the State of Virginia isn’t that friendly when it comes to electric cars. Given the fact that EVs have arrived a little late in the “Old Dominion”, that might be true but for obvious reasons we wouldn’t want to wager on that.

However, one particular electric car manufacturer just got a big “NO!” from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) after placing a bid for a dealership license. Since Fisker has other things to worry about, the specific company we’re talking about is Tesla, who, according to Automotive News, was denied by the DMV to open up its own dealership in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

“We welcome Tesla to Virginia, but they too must abide by the laws like all other manufacturers and Virginia new car and truck dealers," said Don Hall, president of the dealer association, who argued that giving Tesla license for a company-owned dealership would violate Virginia franchise law.

In short, the law states that an automaker can open a factory-owned store only if no independent dealer is available to operate the franchise “in a manner consistent with the public interest”.

Meanwhile, Tesla Motors is “still figuring out next steps” and whether to take Virginia DMV to Court, with the successful Boston case in mind. The company has 33 days to appeal the decision.

Story via Automotive News

By Ciprian Florea