As we had previously reported at the end of May, the Daimler group had reportedly contacted Tesla Motors regarding the development of an all-electric vehicle. At first, it was thought that the vehicle in question would be an all-electric A-Class, but now, according to, we realize that it may not be so.

It is, in fact, an all-electric B-Class which is due to make its debut on the world stage in 2014. Apparently, engineers first considered incorporating a range extender into the system, but it was ditched in favor of a much simpler (and lighter) all-electric setup, similar to that of the Model S, but with its electric motors driving the front wheels instead of the rears.

Given the fact that Tesla is behind the car’s drivetrain, and considering the fact that they have very advanced battery and drivetrain technology at their disposal, as well as the fact that they are developing the EV for Mercedes-Benz, we expect the 2014 B-Class E-Cell (previewed by a Frankfurt 2011 range-extended concept) to be an excellent package – let’s just hope that we’re right!

By Andrei Nedelea