Having previously collaborated on the creation of the electric A-Class E-Cell, a car with a limited production run of 500 units and the Smart ED, according to a Dutch site, the cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and Tesla isn’t over, in fact Tesla are actually working on an unknown EV for the Daimler group, we just don’t know for sure what it is.

It may be an electric version of the recently-released A-Class, which may be launched some time next year as a small scale project. We really don’t have any more information on the matter, but judging by Tesla’s bold claims regarding the range and performance of their new Model S, they would make an excellent partner for Mercedes-Benz, as they seem to currently have some of the best EV tech in the world.

Only time will tell whether this will actually materialize. We honestly hope it does, as the new A-Class would be an appropriate car to house an electric powertrain.

Source: Groen7 via Autoblog

By Andrei Nedelea