Tesla confirmed in a blog post that it will soon raise the price of its Model S electric luxury sedan.

It isn’t clear how much the price will climb, but the company was also quick to clarify that clients with orders already placed will not be subject to change. Those holding reservations who haven’t finished configuring their cars will receive a deadline soon, after which the price will raise. Provided those reservations are completed by the son-to-be-released date, those customers will also avoid the price increase.

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Currently, there are more than 13,000 Model S sedans booked for production, which will keep the company’s production line hopping for months to come. Still, waving a price hike in front of potential buyers will likely work to spur indecisive buyers toward action sooner.

Part of the change, Tesla says, will include a change in a few options packages where certain things that are currently standard will move into more upmarket price brackets for the car.

Official word on what the revision will mean are coming soon — Tesla expects to release full details on the changes in the next “two to three weeks.”

By Luke Vandezande