We know that the Tesla Model S is a very quick car – one of the quickest cars in its class, that is. Exactly the same description could be used for the new BMW M5, and the two cars are actually very evenly matched. Automobile put the two cars head to head in a drag race, and the result may surprise some…

The challenge was a 0-100 mph (0-160 km/h) drag race, where the 560 hp BMW would try to keep up with the 416 hp Tesla – or is it the other way around?. However, with instant and seamless power delivery, the Tesla’s electric powertrain is a match to what the BMW offers.

While you may think that this is foregone conclusion, due to the power deficit that the Tesla has, but torque also plays a very important part in acceleration, so the 600 Nm (443 lb-ft) figure is definitely very relevant here, and while the BMW may have more of it, being rated at 680 Nm (500 lb-ft), it is not instant and seamless, and each gearshift puts the BMW slightly behind the Tesla.

So, which do you think will be the victor?

By Andrei Nedelea