Most automakers go to Scandinavia, which is near the Arctic circle to test their cars to the extreme, but Tesla chose a little town called Baudette in Minnesota for its winter extreme kicks.

Cold weather could mean fuel problems for a petrol or diesel car, but electric vehicles are even worse, because the lithium-ion batteries don’t work as well when cold. What’s more, it’s not like they can divert spent heat from the engine and just worm up the cabin.

So Tesla wanted to make sure customers knew the Model S sedan can cope wit temperature extremes and they used the facilities of Automotive Enviro Testing for the job.

But the EV sedan also went through some handling testing as well to ensure you won’t find yourself on the wrong side of a snowy ditch next time it snows.

The Model S looks steady through the slalom and the ABS is working well. Still, we can’t help the but notice how this isn’t as extreme as what they are ding over in Europe.

By Mihnea Radu