Tesla has finally show what the brand new Model X is all about at its design studio in California. This vehicle combines elements of SUV and minivan design and actually features the rumored falcon doors, which unsurprisingly aren’t that different from gullwing doors.

The Model X crossover is underpinned by the same chassis as the Model S, but it sits higher off the ground and comes with AWD as an optional extra. Also borrowed from the electric sedan is the list of battery options – more specifically the 40 kWh, 60 kWh and 80 kWh.

The real novelty with the X is the so called falcon doors in the back. These open up like on the Mercedes SLS AMG, but have an extra hinge installed in the middle so they can be operated in tighter spaces. Tesla is clearly aiming this vehicle at larger families, as it has three rows of seats for seven people. However, your family will have to be very tech-savvy, because the whole dash has been replaced with a touchscreen that operates everything.

Expect production of the Model X to start next year.

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By Mihnea Radu