Tesla Motors’ first car, the Elise-based Roadster was and still is a unique car, offering emissions two-seater fun, in a compact (and very expensive) package. The fact that they managed to sell the Roadster in fair numbers, for the kind of car it was, enabled them to conceive and finally build and market the Model S sedan, a car completely designed and built in-house.

Now, after the launch of the Model S, the company will begin production of the Model X SUV, which will be followed by an all-electric BMW 3-Series rival, which, in turn, will be followed by a new Roadster, which will also most likely be designed and built in-house – it will not arrive any sooner than 2015-2016, though.

With the Model S being such a capable car for what it is, it is clear that Tesla engineers do know what they are doing, so a purpose-built all-electrc sports car made by the American firm is something to really look forward to, regardless of the fact that they have yet to decide if they will build it, or not – we say they will, as any self-respecting automaker needs an image-boosting 'halo car'.

Story via autocar.co.uk

By Andrei Nedelea