While Fisker Automotive in on the verge of bankruptcy, Tesla Motors seems to be doing just fine, with shares reaching a record high earlier this week.

The company’s stock hit a record high Tuesday morning, when a share reached $52.92 in NASDAQ trading, before sliding back to $51 a piece. The growth comes just a few weeks after Tesla revealed that Q1 2013 was its first ever quarter to bring profit.

Tesla Motors sold 4,750 examples of its Model S from January through March 2013, 250 more than initially forecasted, and its expected that the original estimate of 20,000 units sales until the end of the year to go up as well.

The automaker’s shares went public in June 2010 for only $17, and reports say they have jumped more than 50 percent during the past year.

Story via Autoblog

By Ciprian Florea